Inspiring children with special needs through sport

London Marathon 2018

Congratulations to all our runners who completed this year’s London Marathon. Thank You Natalie Cooke, Wayne Cooper, Diane Copsey, Louise Corbett, Darren Corbett, Carol Cowlin, Steve Cowlin, James Edwards, Lisa Jackson, Natalie Pennells, Lea Perryman, Ayshea Pite, Jagbir Singh, Ben Thornley, Emma Wadding, Michael White, and Lynn Whitnall.

“Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the place in the Marathon I thoroughly enjoyed the day from start to finish I had a few injury problems leading up to the race but I was determined to get round albeit a little slower than I had hoped but it still felt a great sense of achievement.”
Ryan Smith
“Thanks for the opportunity to represent your charity on Sunday. It truly was an emotional and uplifting experience, after all the hardship of prep training and amidst the gruelling actual run, I can honestly say that last Sunday’s memories will never fade.”
Niall Devlin
“Can I thank you for the opportunity again to support a wonderful charity. As you know I have been suffering with MS for the last three years now but am proud to say again I did complete the course after running Manchester three weeks previously . My time wasn’t great 4hrs 36 but still I loved it.”
Paul Read
“A battle of a life time…first half in 2 hours, blew up, got cramp and walked from mile 14 which took a further 3 hours with a bit of running in between. A real toughie but knew I had to finish and had some fun along the way.Many thanks once again, a different experience for me but we had a fantastic time before, during and after.”
John Scott
“I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to run the London Marathon. I absolutely loved it!”
Wayne Cooper

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