We have received some sad news on the 75th Anniversary of VE day and this is the announcement of the death of Fred Boomer Hawkins.

As an official of the Essex Amateur Boxing Association, over the years he officiated at numerous Legends of Boxing Evenings events which were promoted by the Presidents Sporting Club. 

More recently it has been an honour and a privilege to have welcomed Fred to the Boxing Evenings as a member of the Chelsea Pensioners. 

Only last year Fred wrote a letter to Club Chairman, Mike Jackson, thanking the Club for the enjoyable evening and the hospitality which was provided. 

Fred Boomer Hawkins who was a member of the Royal Green Jackets was stationed in Colchester and Tidworth and served in Malaysia, Germany, Northern Ireland as well as a UN peacekeeper in Cyprus. Fred was a keen boxer and won the Regimental Boxing Finals. 

 Fred’s son Terry Hawkins has commented “He was extremely proud to wear the retirements home’s famous uniform” and “He was a very popular man, loving, generous, honourable and loyal. He was everything you could want from a Dad”. 

The Presidents Sporting Club would like to express its sincere condolences to Fred’s family at this very difficult time.