Inspiring children with special needs through sport

The London Marathon 2015


Congratulations to all of our runners for their magnificent efforts in this year’s London Marathon.

Here are a few of their experiences of the day:

Andy Smullen

I did my fifth London Marathon for President’s in 6 hours 25 minutes and 10 seconds and crossed the line holding hands with a man dressed as a giant trainer (make of that what you will).

I had a great first half run and was heading for a pb but what I thought was cramp picked up during mile fourteen worsened and by mile 19 I had to be treated by medics for a damaged calf muscle.

I battled on like the little hero I am and finally crossed the line 25 minutes after I would’ve liked. I’m elated but sore and now need someone to carry me up the office stairs tomorrow.

Andy’s Fundraising Page


Paul Read

Hi fellow runners , I am happy to share my trials and tribulations building up to the day. Just two months ago I was diagnosed with MS and I didn’t even know if I would be able to run . I then went to Spain the week before and got hit by food poisoning so all in all not a great build up but couldn’t let down the Charity or the people who supported me so like you all I did my very best it did takes its toll but the old sod crossed the line in 4hrs 39 mins . I look forward to seeing you all at the get together guys and girls .

Thank you Mike for allowing me to run for such a magnificent charity.

 Paul’s Fundraising Page


John Davis

This was my first full marathon. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to run for such a great charity. The day was fantastic from start to finish, even the journey home lol. My time was a very fast 7hrs 18mins. My legs are very sore at the moment and blisters are bad too, but so worth it.
Thank you again for letting me run for your great charity.
John’s Fundraising Page

Michael White

I was pleased with my time of 3:48 but I ran 3:31 last year.  I had some problems in the run-up to the Marathon as my left knee was two times the size of the other and I couldn’t train for 5 weeks before the big day because I needed to get the swelling down.

I was on for a 3:38 until I got serious cramp in mile 22 and had to run/stagger through the last 4 miles.

It was a great day and I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to run for your charity.


Michael’s Fundraising Page

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